100 random things about me

i love being a grandmother
i am a gadget lover
my favorite gadgets are kitchen or electronic ones
i am a dabbler
i love crafts
i love to read
i read cookbooks like novels
i prefer speculative science fiction and romance
i used to be a voracious reader, now I am pickier about what i read
i am a go to person
i like being needed
i like teaching/mentoring
i am hooked on my computer
i will only own a macintosh computer by choice
my computer opens up the world for me
having the internet is like unlocking the library doors 24×7 for me
i enjoy researching
i hate change
i do not know what i want to do with my life
i would rather not be working in a rigid environment
i like to work independently
i am a packrat
i am capable of throwing useless things away
i read the dictionary and the encyclopedia as a kid
i still get a word of the day from the online dictionary
my vocabulary can intimidate people
my vocabulary is not that big
i understand things in context more than in definition
i can not draw but i can use drawing/painting programs on the computer
i take my coffee with cream
but i can drink it black if necessary
i love candycane coffee
i hate caviar & oysters
i live to learn
i am the living embodiment of “jill of all trades, master of none”
i find thunderstorms energizing
i am sick and tired of being sick and tired
growing older only sux because the body stops working right
i do not think i will ever be able to retire
i have never been financially comfortable as an adult
i am a survivor
i worry to this day that my children won’t find themselves
i wish i could travel more
i have planned and organized more businesses than have come to fruition
i have planned and organized more events than most people attend in a lifetime
i loved working for myself, but could not go out and hawk business
i love music
i don’t like discordant jazz, acid/metal rock, grunge or gangsta rap
i love to sing
music can change my mood
i sing in public and do not care if people look strangely at me
i love to cook
i am best at the throw it together meals
i don’t do gourmet, its too fussy
i love lobster, chocolate and most vegetables
i am a carboholic
i used to be a night owl
circumstances have turned me into a morning person
i have been told i have a soothing voice
i can talk people to sleep
i used to get told i had a sexy voice
my best feature used to be my hands
hands do not age well
i am allergic to cats
i am a lesbian
i married men twice before i figured out i was lesbian
i came out at 29
i have 3 children
i have 8 grandchildren
I love to see my back yard filled with screaming, giggling children
i am an oldest child
i have one sister
my sister and i are not close, she is perfect
i am not perfect
i want to live near the water
i love the sound of water moving
i don’t wear tee-shirts often
i look dorky in tee-shirts
i am predictably sappy
I am pretty good at reading people
i like traditions, other peoples and making my own
i collect little things, books, cookbooks, crafts, kitchen gadgets, baskets ……..
i love babbling brooks
i love thunderstorms
i am fascinated by the weather, mother nature in the raw
fall is my favorite season
winter is my next favorite season
i do not practice organized religion
i enjoy discussing all traditions and find something in every one that resonates
i find my spirituality in the trees, in the moon, sun, stars and the water
i believe that what sparks life and love are sacred
i am a caretaker
i have no patience for “takers”
i don’t deal well with prima dona’s
i do not have the stamina i used to have
i will still get the job done, but my recovery time is much longer
i am an organizer
i am a leader by nature
i am much better at manipulating things into something better
initial creation is not my strong suit


2 Responses to “100 random things about me”

  1. Great list, I’m thinking about doing one of my own soon….

  2. I look forward to it.

    The whole online thing can make it rather difficult to get to know someone. But these memes tend to give a deeper look.

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