Since 2004 I have kept this blog. Its a place where I can put my thoughts, good, bad or indifferent, in a safe space. Only a few people from my “real” life have had access to it…people I know and trust and who know me. Those people are either no longer alive or have moved out of my life. I never shared it with anyone because indeed it was a safe space to share things that I might not choose others to have access to, deep fears, major hurts, intense vulnerabilities. I don’t really write for others to read….but the few folks who have responded have done so in a gentle caring way, and given a little balm and understanding.

Well it seems as if my daughter somehow found the blog. A few posts back she chose to let me know and take a poke at me.
And now, it seems she has shared parts of it….or maybe the whole thing with others……with the express intention of causing trouble.

In addition….this same day…today, she (who refused to friend me on Facebook) has made a friend request to my deceased partner’s Facebook account. For what purpose, I have no clue. Not going to happen….you ignored her when she was dying Jenna….why make the move after she has been dead for over 9 months?

I may or may not start another blog. maybe just go back to journalling the old way.

But if I do, and you are interested…..send me an email at crismoon at gmail dot com


~ by Cris on February 21, 2012.

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